HD Led lights-E62 Running Text Controller Card Network RG45 1024 x 64
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28 Feb 2017
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Specification of HD Led lights-E62 Running Text Controller Card Network RG45 1024 x 64

Type: HD-E62 + Network RG45

Input Volt: 5 Volt

Max Size: 1024 Cm x 64 Cm

Available Hub: Hub12, Hub8

Color: Single Color, Dual Color, 7 Color

Types of control card: Single Color/ Dual Color /Tricolor

Control range:

Single color:1024W*64H 
Dual color:512W*64H  
Tri color:   672W*32H   

Scan modes: Static, 1/2, 1/3,,1/4, 1/5 ,1/6,1/8,1/16 common modes etc

Communication type: LAN + USB Port

Power supply: +4.2-5.5V

Power consumption: ≤0.5W

Work environment: -40℃--75℃

Installation dimension: 100(W)* 65 (H)(mm)

Application Range:

Used indoor outdoor, semi-outdoor, Led Pharmacy Cross signs

Showing text, animation, time, clock etc

Languages: Support All languages

Communication distance: 80  meters

Application Software : Software HD2016


Product Model           : HD-E62

Flash Capacity: 2M Byte(Can be expand 8M)

Communication Port: U-Disk to edit and updated programs

Signal Port: 4 OF HUB12 ,2 OF HUB08

Program Quantity: 1000pcs Programs. also can change program by button or remote if weld sensor (Remoter can select1-999 Programs)

Area Quantity: 8 areas with separate zone, and separated special effects and border

Display Showing: Text, Hypertext (GIF, Picture, Animation Character,SWF,Video),Excel, Time, Count, Digital, Temperature, Humidity, Brightness ,Background etc

Program Modes:

Playing by Sequence or by Remoter or by Button

Display effects

1.Support all languages(Software :HD2016)

2.Support 7 color effects and 64 colors Gray level (HD-W62/W63/W64)

3. Border functions of Program border, area border and Custom design border.

4.Add Countdown /Count up, Button Countdown / Count up

5.Add Text Rotation of 90°,180°, 270° for display

Text function of Hollow,Stroke etc

6.Add payment collection function

7.Updated program by U-disk

8. More than 200 types showing effects

9.Support Second develop SDK

10.More high brightness, more moving speed ,more refresh

Time / Clock /Count Function

1. Support Digital Clock/ Dial Clock / Lunar Time/

2. Countdown /Count up, Button Countdown / Count up

3. The font,size,color and position can be set freely

4. Support multiple time zones

Digit Function

1.Used in Parking place,Scoring device,Calculate by piece.

2.From Minimum to Maximum, from Maximum to Minimum

Expand function: Remote function,temperature,humidity,brightness etc. (If weld sensor) .Remoter can select1-999 Programs

Brightness Control: Brightness setting by Custom,Automatic(weld sensor) ,by time period regulation

Automatic close /open display

Support close /open display by time automatically

Kontroller HD E62 Adalah Controller yang dilengkapi dengan Network COnnection RG45. Dikhususkan untuk running text berukuran besar
Support LED module 1 WARNA (SINGLE COLOR) dan 3 WARNA (RG-Y / RB-P) BUKAN untuk LED module RGB (Full Color)


- Cara pemakaian yang mudah:

  Isi/edit program text menggunakan PC software HD2016  >>  transfer data ke USB  >>  Colok USB flash disk ke controller USB port

- Controller card membaca data USB flask disk secara automatis

- Fungsi tampilan teks, gambar, waktu, jam, dan animasi

- Fungsi time switch untuk ON/OFF secara automatis

- Lebih dari 30 fitur/efek tampilan: statik, gerak kiri/kanan/atas/bawah, cover, shutter, rain, pagging, roll, snow fall, dsb.

- Support custom frame (bingkai) dengan ukuran 1 s/d 8 dots

    Aplikasi dan Penggunaan: Controller / Pengerak untuk p10 outdoor running text.

Hubungi: 081382657996

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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