HD Led lights-U6B Running Text Controller Card 320 x 48
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28 Feb 2017
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Specification of HD Led lights-U6B Running Text Controller Card 320 x 48

Spesifikasi - HD-U6B Controller Running Text | 320 x 48

Power consumption: <0.5W

Content: Capability

FLSH capacity: 1M Byte(able to expand to 8M Byte)

Communication port: U-Disk

Color: Double-color supports red, green and yellow.

Program quantity: Two hundred programs are available, which can be switched by buttons.

Area quantity: 4 areas with separate zone, special effect and border

LED pixel: 48(H)×384(W)(The resolution is 12K.)

Display contents: Text, image, time, temperature, count, Lunar,animated characters, Excel, SWF, etc.

Display modes: Display in order, switch by buttons

Display effects

1. Text, image, time, count, temperature, etc.;

2. Support the settings of program/area/custom borders;

3. Various action modes;

4. Over 40 special character effects;

5. Support simple animated characters;

6. Support hollow/stroked characters;

7. Support the background settings of area characters;

Function of clock

1. Support calendar/analog clock;

2. Clockwise/counter-clockwise count;

3. The font, size, color and position can be set freely;

4. Support multiple time zones;

Expanders     none
Automatic switch screenSupport time switch

Luminance control         Support 2 luminance modes,no automatic brightness adjustment

HD u6A Controller Running Text | 32 x 16

Kontroller HD U6B adalah kontroler tipe paling Murah dan Unik dengan resolusi kecil cocok untuk running text ukuran kecil dan sedang.
Support LED module 1 WARNA (SINGLE COLOR) dan 3 WARNA (RG-Y / RB-P) BUKAN untuk LED module RGB (Full Color)


- Cara pemakaian yang mudah:

  Isi/edit program text menggunakan PC software HD2016  >>  transfer data ke USB  >>  Colok USB flash disk ke controller USB port

- Controller card membaca data USB flask disk secara automatis

- Fungsi tampilan teks, gambar, waktu, jam, dan animasi

- Fungsi time switch untuk ON/OFF secara automatis

- Lebih dari 30 fitur/efek tampilan: statik, gerak kiri/kanan/atas/bawah, cover, shutter, rain, pagging, roll, snow fall, dsb.

- Support custom frame (bingkai) dengan ukuran 1 s/d 8 dots


    Aplikasi dan Penggunaan: Controller / Pengerak untuk p10 outdoor running text.

Hubungi: 081382657996

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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