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Toko Sinar Kemala (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Welcome to our website, GrosirLED is an online shop of Sinar Kemala, distributor and partner with Lampu LED.

GrosirLED provide LED products for contractor,industry, civil,architecture, interior,office, even for home and many more uses.

we provide international service across Indonesia and beyond. we dedicate to help coruscation for the future of Indonesia from the big city to the isolated village so they can get the light needed for their everyday life.

we have a principle to become a KEMALA (jewel) that shine for Indonesia with comfort and joy of our customer as our first priority. we will intensify our service to ease our customer reaching success.

we provide high quality product, for example :

Samsung Anylux Korea
Epistar and many more

we will provide a competitive price that will ease and prosper wholesaler from service to expedition .

you can visit us on :

Plaza Kenari first floor , Block F number 25

Kramat Raya street number 101,Paseban, Senen.

Center of Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia


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